The Wawarsing Town Board has approved the re-opening of Lippman Park under the following conditions: To comply with Governor Cuomo’s PAUSE and Executive Order 202.17, Lippman Park is now open to use for walking, biking, or exercising while practicing the social distancing guidelines of that order. Pursuant to the governor’s order, all visitors to the park MUST maintain the social distancing guidelines of 6 feet and, when that is not possible, visitors should wear a face mask while at the Park.

Use of the pavilions, basketball courts, and playground areas remain prohibited. These areas are marked off with caution tape. These areas continue to remain closed and are not to be occupied by anyone.

Bathrooms will also remain closed pursuant to the COVID-19 guidelines. In addition, at this time, no buses will be allowed in the park at any time. Town of Wawarsing Staff and Law Enforcement will monitor the compliance of these restrictions. Those not complying will be requested to comply or vacate the park immediately. Non-compliance to the governor’s executive order will be subject to law enforcement action.

The Town Board asks that all visitors comply with these restrictions so that we may keep everyone safe while the park is open. We Thank you for your cooperation.

Terry Houck
Supervisor Town of Wawarsing.