The Lenape settlement "at Wawarasinke" was burned by Dutchmilitiamen, led by Maarten Crieger, after the Natives attacked Wiltwyck (present day Kingston) and took captives in 1663. In 1685 WaarnerHoornbeek leased land there and is accepted as it's first European pioneer. In 1703 the areas of Mombaccus and Wawarasink, Ulster County, were made The Town of Rochester. During The Revolutionary War Wawarsing, Napanoch and Pinebush (Kerhonkson area) where attacked by British raiders and many women and children were massacred and most of the farms burned. In 1806 Wawarsing, Napanoch, Laurenkill, Lackawack, and Greenfield joined together to form The Town of Wawarsing out of Southern Rochester and parts of un-incorporated Ulster County.