Route 209, Wawarsing, NY 12489

(845) 647-7800

Lippman Park is a beautiful area of open space provided for recreational use and is owned and maintained by the Town of Wawarsing. The park resembles both open and woodland areas, the types of landscape that our community finds most relaxing.

The green grass is typically kept short to discourage insect pests and allows for the enjoyment of picnics and sporting activities. The trees are chosen for their beauty and to provide shade.

Lippman Park is a host for active and passive recreation. Active recreation, like mountain biking, soccer, basketball, handball and softball, including a playground. Also Passive recreation, which emphasizes the open-space aspect of our park, like picnic areas, pavilions and trails. These provide provide just the right place for a family get together or celebration.

Lippman Park is receiving increased attention and valuation as a significant community asset and a place of refuge for our busy community. Come and spend some time enjoying our hometown park.


Lillian Lacasse, Seasonal Maintenance